Get this man a hairpeice!

Today, I chickened out in a number of ways. First, I did a headshot. Drawing heads is way easier than drawing a full body. It’s harder to mess up the proportions of an oval rather than the bizarre polygon that is the human figure. Secondly, I drew this with a pencil. I don’t like drawing with a pencil, I much prefer pen and ink. It’s hard to get good contrast with a pencil and it takes way more strokes. Still, it’s easier to cover up mistakes when drawing with pencil… I guess I just wasn’t feeling brave.

I’m not crazy about the drawing. I was trying to work with a strong light source. Shadows are funky things and the human face is even funkier. It has all these folds, hills, and valleys that you would know of until they are revealed in a strong light.  So when shadows are done right, they look amazing. When they aren’t. Well…

I also smeared the pencil lines, an effect I hate, hate, hate. So why did I do it?

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