7 thoughts on “Any other ODAD’ers?

  1. I might try the ODAD challenge. I love to draw (You know me), but school comes in. I’ll still try! I’ll stat on 3/30/10. Go, ODAD!
    Your Pal,

    1. Well, I might not be able to post mine today. I’m going to finish it, but on the last 15 minutes of my hour school started. I’m drawing Spider-man. I’ll send a description, too! Your pal,
      Riley. 🙂
      P.S. sorry about the spelling error yesterday on ‘start’.

  2. Is Riley the Riley that is Jacks friend? I want to join, but im not sure how to post the picture? Would we post it in the comments?

    1. Rosalyn: Yep, it is the Riley you’re thinking about. You should do some drawings too. I was thinking that I could just create another account on this blog so anyone could post whenever you wanted to without having to go through me. Interested?

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