Speaking of composition…

I love a lot of comics but if I had to pick my favorite-drawn comic, I would choose Batman: Year One, drawn by David Mazucchelli. There’s something about the simplicity and realism that I find captivating. In the comic, Batman doesn’t look like a bodybuilder on steroids; he looks strong but human. And he looks like Gregory Peck with his mask off; cool, right?

But most of all, Mazucchelli is a master composition and visual storytelling. Take this panel for example:

Every detail serves the story. From the open filing cabinet drawer to the file dropped on the ground, and the photo of his wife on the desk, there is no need for the captions to say anything about what is actually happening. The image tells you the whole story, and any words can address what is not in the picture. It’s night, and she’s requesting a transfer. Beautiful.

And checkout the energy on this page:

And this panel:

Do you get why I love this comic?

2 thoughts on “Speaking of composition…

  1. I love this comic too. I also love “The Dark Knight Returns,” though I prefer the artwork in “Year One.”

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