Work in Progress: Complete

I think I’m finished with this one. I might fiddle with it a bit more but it’s 95% there.

Here’s a bit of retrospective on the progress on this drawing:

The original drawing was done in Pen and Ink on Bristol. The leftmost figure I had previously sketched in graphite. I liked it so I decided to include it in this drawing:

Original figure sketch Original ink drawing

I scanned these into the computer and began the coloring process. I started by coloring the leftmost figure:

Things were progressing nicely until I moved on to the rightmost figure. It had never felt “right” to me but I’d hoped that I could fix its issues in the coloring. But as I colored it, I kept not liking it. So I deleted it and decided to rework the drawing. After a while I came up with the figure that is now in the bottom of the image. I inked the new figure and merged the drawings.

The original ink drawing The merged drawing in the
midst of the coloring process

I hope all this detail isn’t tedious. This was a fun drawing as I was able to experiment with a different techniques that I haven’t tried before. I’m happy with the final result.

One thought on “Work in Progress: Complete

  1. This drawing makes me feel a lot of stuff when I look at it. There is something very eternal, yet earthy in it’s quality. I love it.

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