Starting at a different level

Hi all, Rosalyn here. I am Levi’s younger, more Asian, and less talented sister. I am sort of embarrassed to even post my drawings because I am well aware they are bad. But I want to get better and I am willing to share my bad drawings in hopes of becoming better. I truly enjoy the process of drawing, even when the end result is scary and/or dreadful. Also, I feel like I could be a little more helpful to begginers than Levi because I myself am starting as a super beginner.

I got a book called The Art of Drawing by Willy Pognay. It’s good not great. I could do with a bit more instruction. Some of the more complicated perspective drawings have very little instruction which I find frustrating. But I like this book for all of the various drawings to copy and work from.

Right now my goals are to get better at perspective and gesture. Here are my efforts thus far. Please be kind.

photo 4
This is what I am trying for.
My efforts.
My efforts.

photo 2

And my next effort at a perspective other than a face straight on.

photo 5
Ugh, hate drawing men, but will do my best.
photo 3
Lots of weasel men.

Okay folks, it can only get better from here.


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