Just keep swimming

I keep doing this, well aware how awful I am, but I can’t stop. All of a sudden the scantily clad ladies coming down my Instagram feed are just leg/arm/body models for me. I want to draw all the things! Drat my limited abilities. I founds some helpful cheats and tutorials online. One involving using head size/shape to crate the torso. That combined with my helpful arm skeleton from last post has helped me out throughout the day.

photo 1
first drawing of the day. The model was leaning up against a wall, couldn’t figure out how to draw the wall, so on top of all her other flaws she looks…unsteady?
photo 2
trying to get used to the geometry of the face.
photo l
I like this simple diagram of the leg I found on pinterest.
My last lady of the day. I used a little bit of all of the cheats I learned throughout the day and I think she came easier because of it. Still can’t do hands.

One thought on “Just keep swimming

  1. Really like the intensity of that profile; Looks like something from an old Dick Tracy comic. Your ladies remind me so much of Levi’s. Weird how your brains are wired to draw so similar.

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