Don Wood

Don wood is in my top 3 children’s illustrators, probably my favorite out of those three.

This is my attempt at the Mother in Heckedy Peg.  Her face turned out much younger than I intended, I think because of her cheeks and lips. Also one of her eyes is weird. And she is supposed to be holding straw in her hand, I forgot to draw that in.  Also, I have no idea how to finish a drawing… Issues with ODAD today.


4 thoughts on “Don Wood

  1. That’s weird, Rosalyn. I have always been fascinated with this illustrated mother, too. She’s really cute and strong. You’re right, yours is younger, and sexier, too, kind of volumptious. But, pretty good.

    1. Good stuff, Roz. Don Wood is excellent. Heckety Peg is one of the Wood’s best. The kids love it and I have a great witch voice if I say so myself.

      1. Audrey really captures the innocuous plots of fairy tales. Why does the witch let the mom in because she think she has no feet? Also, why does she even give the mom the option to guess who her kids are? She didn’t have to do that!She kidnapped them fair and square. I like how fairy tales just casually ignore logic.

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