I love this part. The rebellion is anxiously waiting for the Death Star to be in firing range of a planet ( can’t remember the name). She is staring at what is supposed to be a graph of the Death Star moving closer and closer. What Cracks me up is how extremely bored she looks. it must have been a long day because she is simply zoning staring at nothing. That image was my inspiration. I didn’t quite capture her bored stare.

My issue is how do I finish this? Should it be black ink? Water color? color pencil?I need some opinions. Help me WordPress readers, your my only hope.


3 thoughts on “Help

  1. Carrie Fisher was probably on something when she filmed that scene. There’s a number of scenes in Star Wars when she seems really out to lunch.

    Love this drawing, Roz. Her face is excellent. I’d pick whatever your favorite medium is to finish it. Colored pencil?

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