For the last month or so Calvin has only allowed me to read him Tintin ( or “Tin” as he calls it). I have always been a mild Tintin fan. But when Calvin first started this Tintin obsession I was annoyed by it. They are sort of wordy and I didn’t really like reading comic books out loud. But now? I share deeply in Calvin’s obsession. I love the characters,  the complicated story lines, the unrealistic clues left being for Tintin ( almost all of the books have a scrap of paper left behind with cryptic but vital information). And of course the illustrations. Herge is my hero right now. His drawings are so expressive and simple, detailed but not busy. He is amazing. All that to say, I doodled some Tintin’s tonight. I had to sneak into Calvin’s room after he had fallen asleep. We currently have every Tintin the library has and they reside in Calvin’s bed. It’s almost creepy, he knows if one of the 10 is missing, almost intuitively. That boy, I hope he doesn’t outgrow this stage anytime soon.

Also, what is Tintin? A journalist? A Private Eye? A nosy busybody? Is this ever explained? He takes the weight of the world on his shoulders and solves problems world problems in an amazing way. I think we need a Tintin right now to go sort out ISIS. He seems like the only person who could do it.

“Abulla you little brat!” This was for Calvin to color, he of course, loves Abdulla. He didn’t get to coloring him, but did a nice job on Snowy ❤
I just had to try and draw a drunk Snowy.
I just had to try and draw a drunk Snowy

4 thoughts on “Tin

  1. Lily told me the other day how she had a dream that she found new Calvin and Hobbes books that she had never read before. I totally identified with it because a recurring dream of mine is that I find new Tintins that I have never read before. I love those books so much that it breaks my heart there aren’t more.

    Herge is one of my favorite artists too. Nobody does the “Linge claire” style better.

    1. I totally feel that way about Calvin and Hobbes. I lke to put them away for a long time and then pull them out, it’s the best option we have. Also I like finding strips I haven’t read since I was a kid. I totally didn’t get them at that time and its like reading them for the first time.

      As for Tintin, I hate to brag but I still haven’t read about half of them. I can’t wait. Mwahahaha.

  2. Rosalyn, I had to keep checking to make sure this post was yours, and not Levi’s. You sound exactly like him—he has this way of totally selling me on something that I probably won’t really like. Love the drawings, and Cal’s additions.

    1. The nerd gene is strong with both of us, but we got if from Dad, not you. So don’t worry if you don’t like cool stuff like we do, it’s just not in your genes.

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