Random sketches

Lots of sketches. It’s weird but I feel like I enjoy drawing anatomy more without references or at least only using references very loosely. The closer I follow references for figures the more stiff the drawings seem to get.

A sampling of sketchbook randomness.


I’ve almost filled out this sketchbook in the last three months. It’s fun to flip back to the earlier pages and see what’s improved. I was pretty rusty when I started this book.



I’m a rabid Milton Caniff fan and finally got up the gumption to dive into this enormous biography. This has the thoroughness and physical weight of John Calvin’s Institutes. The best parts are when it gets into his drawing technique, especially how he developed his gorgeous Chiaroscuro style via Noel Sickles. You can see me trying to figure out some of that technique in the sketchbook above.

4 thoughts on “Random sketches

  1. Love the top people on the right. Amazing what you can get with inky blackness.

    Does the bio have any personal details of his life or is it all about his work?

  2. My goal is to get away from having to use figure references, it’s frustrating to not be able to draw from imagination. But correct me if I’m wrong, beginners should use figure reference? A kind of, you must walk before you run, type of rule. Maybe even crawl in some of our cases.

    1. I think drawing from references is actually a very good thing (it’s what every art teacher says you should do) but I do feel like it can tighten up the drawing if I’m sticking too close to the reference. I think it works best for me when I’m doing both; using references and drawing from imagination.

      The goal even when using references is not to create an exact duplicate of the reference but an artistic interpretation of it. I think that’s a good thing to keep in mind.

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