Culturezoo I: Spider-Man, The Sinister Six.

It’s the first episode of Culturezoo: A mighty guild of geeks! The podcast brought to you by One Drawing a Day where we discuss comics, movies, books from the perspective of geeks and artists.

On this episode we discuss in detail Spider-Man Annual #1, The Sinister Six, which marks the first (somewhat embarrassing appearance) of the dreaded Sinister Six.

  1. Will Spidey ever regain his powers? Answer: Yes. Very quickly and easily.
  2. Will the team-up of, not one! not two! but six! super villains be the web slingers ticket to an early grave?! Answer: not with this plan it won’t.
  3. Will Aunt May finally come out of the closet as a dry corpse?!
  4. Steve Ditko? Good or Bad artist?

Levi and Rosalyn discuss all these and more on Episode I of Culturezoo.

Note: The audio clips a bit on this episode. We’re still getting used to the mic. We’ll fix it next time.

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