A certain Charles Dean left plastic dinosaurs all over my kitchen counter. I took it as a sign to draw a dinosaur. I don’t even know the name of this guy. My husband came home and said it was “pretty good for your first try”. It’s hard to be such a misunderstood artist. Never appreciated in our time…( I jest, I jest)

I hate this new sketchbook I got. The paper is waaaaaay too white.


Then I drew a lady who was just, bad. But I was stoked about her hands because I like the way they turned out on the first try (without a reference). So I tried and I tried to save the drawing. Sad to say, despite my best efforts, she didn’t make it ( insert slow sad head shake here).


This story gets even more sad. I inked her hands in to try and comfort myself and they lost their prettiness. Is there no end of my artistic agony!?

Oh yeah, for some reason I tried to draw a feathered raptor. Just ignore it.

One thought on “Dino-Riffic

  1. The dinosaur on the top looks like an older-woman dinosaur who works in a beauty parlour and is worldly wise and has a hoarse voice from smoking. The girl you drew seems blissfully unaware that she has stumbled into Jurassic Park.

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