ODAD on vacation

It was an exciting week for ODAD. I went on vacation and discovered a whole boatload of people who were eager to hijack my notebook and pencils to try their hand at drawing.

A few discoveries were made.

  1. My Momma can shame me at a life like portrait even though I draw almost every day and she hasn’t picked up a pencil in over 15 years.
  2. My little sisters nose is nebulous and probably scientifically impossible to define.
  3. My neice, Lucy, is a born model. She will sit as still as a statue and look deep into your eyes as you draw her. Any artist would find their muse in those eyes. Also, she always has her fingers in her mouth, and I love drawing hands, perfecto.

Now, without further ado. A few of my drawing and drawings from people who left their work in my sketchbook.

I was the inspiration for this one and find the size of the eyes flatering. This artist shares my struggle with “poochy” lips. Or, as I call them in my mind, “Fox Trot Kissy Lips”.


The lovely little sister drawn by my talented mother.  I think she nailed the nose, which as I previously stated, is close to impossible. Also, Tiny, indeed was modeling that sort of vacant stare.


And another by my Mom, she has a definite style. The lovely model was not in fact angry but was holding perfectly still for a long time and came to resting angry face. Not a face we see often on her.


And my drawings, I love these girlies.

My first draft of Lu


She was eager to pose for another one.


And another…


I had to beg for this one to come sit for me, it felt sacrilegious to try and capture the beauty of the Quail, but I had to try.


Finally, this is Lucy’s rendering of “heart” her stuffed doggy.


Our ODAD founder was much missed. Drawing in a group is crazy fun. I think a drawing club is in order. I at least hope everyone stays inspired and join us on ODAD.

One thought on “ODAD on vacation

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Rosalyn.

    I so much love the drawings of the girls—you really nailed their “personas”. My favorite is the one where the bunny is dangling. It looks like it’s getting it’s own portrait.

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