Culturezoo IV: Jeff Smith’s Bone

Back after a bout with the the stomach flu! On today’s episode we discuss the first third of Jeff Smith’s comic book masterpiece Bone. (There’s way too much to cover in one episode.)


  • 8-year-old Sam gives his thoughts on Ant-Man.
  • A quick detour into Force Friday topics.
  • Levi and Rosalyn try to give a quick introduction to the world of Bone for those who are unfamiliar.
  • We talk about some of Jeff Smith’s influences: Carl Barks and Walt Kelley.
  • We give a meandering description of the plot of Out From Boneville, The Great Cow Race, and The Eye of the Storm.
  • We chat about the different versions of the comic: color vs. black and white. Is there a better way to read it?
  • Is this arc one of the best stretches in a comic series ever?