Busy little bee

I took Levi’s suggestion signed up for drawing-tutorials-online.com. It is super cool. The maker of the sight is a really good teacher and teaches at a real art school! I like that he doesn’t have a “style”. His drawings are super photo-real, which isn’t exactly what I aspire to, but what I would need to accomplish to be a good artist. He is also really nice and has a accent that makes me laugh. He really understands what people who want to learn want and need to get better.

All that to say, I have been doing a lot of drawings that are sketches and principals, not actual “drawings”. The site has a sections called “Beginner’s Basics”, which is where I have started. It has 23 lessons, and I have been steadily working my way through those. Sometimes it is a little tedious, but I think I am learning some valuable stuff.

The only slight downside is that so far all the models are very naked, which I get is part of figure drawing. I just hope that once I get the beginner’s basics down there will be some clothed models, because honestly, my drawing goals involve drawing clothed people a lot more than naked ones.

IMG_0753 IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0745 IMG_0746 IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0751 IMG_0752

2 thoughts on “Busy little bee

  1. I am so proud of you, that you’re using your time so wisely. I can clearly see the improvement. Too bad about all the nakedy, but you’ve got to grasp the body to draw it.

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