More Practice-in

I am still plugging away on

I am now working through his anatomy tutorials, which has been very educational. The pelvis is super confusing and I am embarrassed to say, until I drew it I never really conceptualized the pelvis and hip joint properly. You think studying anatomy for school would have done it, but in fact drawing it helped me actually start to understand those weird ol’ pelvis and hip bones.

Ribcage and Hip study


Messy pelvis from behind


Torso-Needs some fixing/tweaking in the chest area, but I cant quite figure out what, I think maybe her whole upper chest needs to be wider…


slight angled view of the hips


This is the part I love, I never realized that little bump on the outer thigh that I think of as a woman’s “hips” is the lesser trochanter of the femur! You can see what I mean in the next picture where I add the outline.


2 thoughts on “More Practice-in

  1. Do only women have that bump? The one of the body with skin is very good–drawing anatomy is going to really help your eye.

    This would be a great way to teach kids.

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