Saturday sketches 

I like pencil. I did 3 drawings on Saturday but ruined 2 of them trying to ink them. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. There is much forgiveness in shading. With ink you have to get those lines in the exact right place or you fail.  

  Her eyes are uneven because I had really bad lighting and my glasses were reflecting off the pencil and I literally couldn’t see what I was doing.  These sketches are heavily borrowed from Mucha. 

One thought on “Saturday sketches 

  1. The top one really reminds me of someone, and it’s driving me crazy. I think it’s a movie-star. Jessica Lange? No. (And most eyes are uneven, so it looks real.) Love the bottom one and saw Mucha influence immediately. Like if Mucha drew Jane. Very nice pencils.

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