Notebook recap

I finished a sketchbook! I loved the quality of this notebook. The pages weren’t see through and I loved the size. The larger sized page was inspiring. It was a Strathmore Drawing pad. 50 sheets, 70lb, 11X14 in. 

I started it in Janurary, so 50 pages in 5 months is pretty unimpressive but life gets busy and I have been busy using my creative time sewing lately. 

I don’t think I will share all 50 pages, tad boring, but instead a recap of what I learned, etc. 

I was feeling quite uninspired and defeated when I bough this pad so I decided to go ahead and blatantly copy some art I found inspiring. It was fun. The artist is @kelseyjbeckett on Instagram. Her stuff is beautiful. Here are a few of my shamefull little copies. 

Then I used her style to draw from some photo references;

Then I bought a Mucha book and was awed by his art so decided to copy him too. I am obviously a complete fraud. 

Tried a few water colors and was frustrated. 

Towads the end of this pad I decided to try some loose sketching without reference, which was very fun. Around this time I also relaized I had been using a super lame pencil for sketching. The soft pencil really helps me to sketch much looser and more fluid. 

So, I am on to a new notebook! I can get discouraged and frustrated when I compare my drawing to other people’s, but then I remember I am drawing because I love the process, and I love being creative, not because I have to reach some nebulous level of expertise. 

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