Another notebook

This notebook only had 24 sheets, so it went pretty quick. A lot of hodgepodge here, I have been sort of artistically wandering. I need some new goals or something. 

This was a fantastic drawing of Nausica. Calvin and Desi had their way with it so its beauty will never be known. But trust me, it would have blown your mind. 

Notebook recap

I finished a sketchbook! I loved the quality of this notebook. The pages weren’t see through and I loved the size. The larger sized page was inspiring. It was a Strathmore Drawing pad. 50 sheets, 70lb, 11X14 in. 

I started it in Janurary, so 50 pages in 5 months is pretty unimpressive but life gets busy and I have been busy using my creative time sewing lately. 

I don’t think I will share all 50 pages, tad boring, but instead a recap of what I learned, etc. 

I was feeling quite uninspired and defeated when I bough this pad so I decided to go ahead and blatantly copy some art I found inspiring. It was fun. The artist is @kelseyjbeckett on Instagram. Her stuff is beautiful. Here are a few of my shamefull little copies. 

Then I used her style to draw from some photo references;

Then I bought a Mucha book and was awed by his art so decided to copy him too. I am obviously a complete fraud. 

Tried a few water colors and was frustrated. 

Towads the end of this pad I decided to try some loose sketching without reference, which was very fun. Around this time I also relaized I had been using a super lame pencil for sketching. The soft pencil really helps me to sketch much looser and more fluid. 

So, I am on to a new notebook! I can get discouraged and frustrated when I compare my drawing to other people’s, but then I remember I am drawing because I love the process, and I love being creative, not because I have to reach some nebulous level of expertise. 


I met a lady who met her second husband as a waitress in a pub in the 70s. He was in the Air Force and would borrow money from her and pay her back in cigarettes. She moved to America with him 40 years ago and has the most lovely accent.