Culturezoo Junior: Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

This is a special Culturezoo episode where we are joined by Sam (11), Jane (9), Lucy (8), and Charlie (6) and talk about one of our family’s favorite comic trilogies, Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke. We cover all three books Zita the Spacegirl, Legends of Zita the Spacegirl and Return of Zita the Spacegirl. We learned a lot of lessons from these books and had a great time talking about it.

Princess Kaguya

This podcast about Princess Kaguya is being released on the day that it’s director Isao Takahata passed away. This is his final film and maybe his best. We spend a lot of time trying to wrap our heads around this beautiful, thought-provoking film and things get theological towards the end. Some of the things we talk about: Why are so many of the messages in this film radically different then anything you’d see in a western film? Who is the antagonist? Is heaven actually the villain of the story? Is one of the themes the tension be creation and creator? We might be totally off but it’s a movie that made us think.

Rest in peace, Mr. Takahata. We’re grateful for your work.