Culturezoo II: Ridley Scott’s Legend (1985)

On this episode the mighty guild of geeks discuss the 1985 classic film, Ridley Scott’s Legend, starring Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, and Mia Sara.

  1. Thrill as Levi and Rosalyn try to make their way through the simple yet somehow complex plot: unicorns are touched, english accents are lost, jokes fall flat, and everything looks gorgeous.
  2. Is this the best looking movie ever?
  3. Is it a good movie? A bad movie? Kinda both?

Dammit Lily!

My turn for my Legend inspired ODAD. There was a lot of inspiration to chose from, there may be more Legend drawings coming later. Here is Lily, causing a lot O problems.IMG_8919


And this one’s done. I smeared a bit of the guy’s hair. Oh well.

This couple is so cool that they only hang out in triangles. Now that’s pretty cool, eh?