How to get better at drawing: Take some lessons

Recently Roz and me were talking about ways we could get better at drawing in addition to simply drawing a lot. One suggestion I had was to take some online lessons. If you’re interested in improving your drawing with a bit of instruction and mentoring thrown in, the best resource I’ve found is “” (great name guys). But despite the less than imaginative name, it’s a goldmine and definitely worth the fee.

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Culturezoo VII: Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace. Act 2.

In this Culturezoo, Levi, Roz and Zach dissect the second act of Star Wars The Phantom Menace. We puzzle over the interesting direction this movie takes in the second act: namely, no direction. Over about an hour of screen time our heros accomplish nothing more than finding engine parts, betting on a noisy race, dabbling in some confusing politics and finally giving up in frustration and heading back to the conflict of Act 1.

Hey! Fun bit of trivia! Apparently they’re still making Star Wars movies. Who knew? Word of warning though: if you’re making 7+ movies, you gotta be prepared to beat the impossibly high standard set by the Land Before Time saga.


I have been having so much fun with Inktober. Most of these have made it onto instagram before they made it here, because I am sorry WordPress, but you are less than user friendly.

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Culturezoo VI: Star Wars, The Phantom Menace. Act 1.

Today we begin the run-up to The Force Awakens by discussing the Star Wars that broke a million geek’s hearts: The Phantom Menace.  Special guest Zach Glenn joins us to enliven the conversation. The recording of this episode literally took hours so we’re releasing it in chunks. This episode only covers Act 1 of the Phantom Menace, from the opening crawl to the blockade run. Join us as we dissect this delightfully odd disappointment.