Lily and the Dragon Lady

It’s been a super slow around here, kinda crazy week and drawing has fallen by the wayside. Shame, shame. Anyway, here’s some stuff from today.

 A quick profile of my lovely daughter Lily.

And a hurried sketch of the femme fatal from Terry and the Pirates. The Dragon Lady. It ain’t great. 


Civil War stuff and musings

I am obsessed with this book. The photos are so fascinating.


I have been thinking about my drawings. I just love to draw, I love the process. I am not to a point where I am “happy” with my finished product, but that’s totally cool because I love the journey so much. I realized that I am going to have to spend a lot of time working and copying and failing before I will be able to take inspiration ( like this book) and transform it into art. At this point I am just copying, taking something beautiful and making it less beautiful. I look forward to the day when I will be able to magnify my inspiration, not mock it.

Anyways, here are some drawings I have been working on.

The inspiration: I want her dress, I want her necklace, I want her hair, I want to know what those secrets are dancing behind her melancholy eyes.


This still needs work


And this man, he is so handsome and his face and posture tell so many stories. I have loved staring at this photo to draw it.



This drawing needs work, his expression isn’t right.


This is Belle Boyd. She was a Confederate spy who would flirt with Union officers and pass along the information to Confederate Generals. The photo I am copying this from is breathtaking. I love drawing it because I get to just soak up the detail and softness of the photo. There is something so breathtaking about early photos. The early photos seemed to have a very narrow depth of focus. There will usually be a very small amount of ultra crispness quickly merging into unfocused blur. These are amazing and fascinating. Thank you Library for this giant book of Civil War photographs for me to pour through.

IMG_9623[1] IMG_9624[1]


I have been drawing but not posting. Here is a few sketches I have done.

IMG_9431[1] IMG_9432[1] IMG_9434[1]

I love when arms make this shape. I could look at it all day.

IMG_9550[1] IMG_9551[1]

I could draw Thorn every day.


Oh hi little mouse with a lantern!

Culturezoo 3: Bloom County

On today’s episode we dive into Berkeley Breathed’s award-winning, newly-revived comic strip: Bloom County.

Show outline:

  • 0-6 minutes: we chat about the comic All-Star Superman with one of our younger guild members Jack Nunnink.
  • 6-60 minutes: we open Bloom County, discussing the characters, some favorite plot arcs, and what we think makes the strip so great.