Daily drawing chalenge

Day 4- favorite fish ” the kind that like flowers” I love Dr. Suess’ watercolors and I have l loved this fish since I was a little girl. I don’t know how he makes a fish seem so feminine. I think it’s all in the eyelashes.


Daily Drawing Challenge

Day three: Favorite animal, Cat. I haven’t used charcoal in forever, like 6 years. I think I used to really like it, but I really didn’t like it today. Calvin drew along aside me today and then had me draw his favorite animal, the wolf. I was trying to make him sinister and scary and he is somehow the sweetest meekest looking wolf I have ever seen, not sure how that happened.

cat wolf

Continuing to nerd up ODAD

Yesterdays Daily Drawing Challenge; Favorite sport. I actually really don’t like Quidditch in the Harry Potter books, but I wanted to draw Ginny on a broomstick. I got some new Prismacolor markers which I adore, but are very expensive. So I only got 4 colors, two greys, pink and red. I definitely want some more shades. photo1

Horton for Baby Desi

Des loves Horton so I drew him for his birthday cake topper. This is exciting for me because a month ago there is no way I could have free hand copied anything, even a cartoon elephant. My hands are obeying me better very day. I guess what they say about practice is true.