She seemed like she was angry about something… Probably exercising by the looks of her hair.

Also, I think the perspective would have been a bit better if her far shoulder were lower.




I love this part. The rebellion is anxiously waiting for the Death Star to be in firing range of a planet ( can’t remember the name). She is staring at what is supposed to be a graph of the Death Star moving closer and closer. What Cracks me up is how extremely bored she looks. it must have been a long day because she is simply zoning staring at nothing. That image was my inspiration. I didn’t quite capture her bored stare.

My issue is how do I finish this? Should it be black ink? Water color? color pencil?I need some opinions. Help me WordPress readers, your my only hope.


WIP 3 (Timelapse)

Sheesh, this is taking forever. My next ODAD is not going to have so much detail. It’s all these darned plants in her hair. Get a haircut, love! Almost there…

Inking timelapse

Time lapses are fun but they are pretty misleading when it comes to just how long drawing can take. Just to get a corner of her hair took me the entirety of Jen Wood’s Wilderness album. (Jen Wood is a great songstress by the way. Her latest album is worth hearing.)



WIP: 2

Progress has been a bit slower than usual. It’s one of those weeks where I’m working double shifts to get stuff done. Not as much time for drawing. I have made a bit more progress on this one though. I’m starting to ink it. I might actually record a video for part of the process.