Back at it

I have been a bit of a drawing rut. It seems like have been getting worse as of late. I think maybe I was listening to too many people, comparing myself to others, and spending too much time wanting to just be better. I hope to remain relaxed and enjoy the process again. Here are a few of my favorites from a recent finished sketch book. I really didn’t like this book because the pages were see through, you can see it in some of these pages. 

I would like to get an Antony book to draw through. Any suggestions of a good one? 

Recent art

Things have been a bit on the sketchy side (wah-waaah) lately so I thought I’d share a few art projects that I’m in the progress of working on.

Here’s a logo I did for a podcast recently.


And here’s some work-in-progress for a collection of illustrations for a side that helps dyslexic children. These are just black & white roughs. I’ll post more when they’re complete.