Face sketch

Lately I’ve been sketching with a pen and no pencil. I actually kinda like it. It’s forcing me to slow down and think about what in doing before just putting down lines.


Faces and sketches

Drawing the face in perspective is incredibly easy to get wrong and incredibly hard to get right. Incorrect perspective on the face might be the biggest mistake I see young artists making. It’s a mistake that I often make myself and it drives me up the wall.

Here’s some pen sketches from recent practice 

Not great stuff but it’s needed practice 


I met a lady who met her second husband as a waitress in a pub in the 70s. He was in the Air Force and would borrow money from her and pay her back in cigarettes. She moved to America with him 40 years ago and has the most lovely accent.  


Pencil and new ODAD plans

I got a super cool homemade notebook that is filled with watercolor paper. The goal for that is to do a quick journal entry on one side and a quick drawing on the other.  

I also got some really soft pencils with the notebook. Which a so fun to draw with.  


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shirt-1458746911-af68414eada19199b86128b7ecb9b5e8 (1)

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.20.29 AM

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Attack of the Clones, Part 3

It’s finally here after two weeks of sickness, plague, and business delayed this episode, it comes to your waiting ears as if delivered from the lips of friendly spirits: The final episode in our analysis of Attack of the Clones where Levi, Roz, and Zach return to burn the midnight oil and complete the circle.

This episodes begins with Obi-Wan’s fight with Jango Fett and continues to the bitter end when credits roll.


Saturday sketches 

I like pencil. I did 3 drawings on Saturday but ruined 2 of them trying to ink them. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. There is much forgiveness in shading. With ink you have to get those lines in the exact right place or you fail.  

  Her eyes are uneven because I had really bad lighting and my glasses were reflecting off the pencil and I literally couldn’t see what I was doing.  These sketches are heavily borrowed from Mucha.