Hamburger Dragon

I made this dragon for a joke.  He is roasting a hamburger.  This was one of the last drawings I did before breaking my hand.  My hand is better now, so I can start doing ODAD drawings again!

Return of the ODAD

After almost two weeks, I’m back. Where was I? A little place called, Very Sick.

So to get back in the groove, I decided to draw Batman. Batman, while not  my favorite superhero, is certainly the most fun to draw. He really works well in black and white.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

I like this ODAD. It’s not a great picture, but it’s a clear picture. It communicates a point. This guy is a bad guy. He’s wearing boots, a belt, and a button-down shirt. When I look at the picture, I get it. Also, something about his posture and expression seems cocky. There’s problems with it but I like that it actually says something. Or am I just imagining it?