A whole slew of ODADs

Work has been a bit crazy of late. I’ve managed to still do the ODADs but finding the time to post them has been the challenge. So here’s a belated bunch of ODADs.

First up is this middle-aged lady. I felt bad that all the women I draw are so idealized. So I tried someone a bit more worn over. And she’s sweeping! How’s that for harsh, cold reality?

Then in the more fantastical side, I drew a picture of Batman for Sammy-boy.

I was working on a straight-overhead perspective in this sketch.

And finally, I might have my first actual paid-to-illustrate gig. It’s just a logo character for a client’s business but still… Here’s a rough sketch from that:

Circus Potato!

Bad me for not posting last night. I’ve been drawing a lot but I didn’t have time to post it. Mostly I’ve been sketching out ideas for a story idea that’s been stuck in my head. Here’s some character designs from my sketchbook.

If I ever do draw this thing, it will be called “Circus Potato”. Pretty awesome, eh.