Jonny Crossbones by Les McClaine


On this Culturezoo Rosalyn and Levi discuss one of their favorite comics, Jonny Crossbones by Les McClaine. In an age of Frank Millers, Rob Liefelds and countless imitators, Les McClaine and his wonderful Jonny Crossbones is a breath of fresh air.

  • We open the discussion talking about how we didn’t see Superman V Batman and why we don’t plan on it.
  • We chat about how comics just aren’t as good as they used to be.
  • We dive into how Jonny Crossbones is a little slice of heaven by pulling inspiration from the pre-1980s greats of comics like Herge and others.
  • We talk about how comics aren’t empowering women very well and how Jonny Crossbones does it right.
  • We drop big hints that we’d love to do an interview with Mr. McClaine on the podcast.

Face parade continues

More ink portraits. Usually I strart a drawing with the outline of the head and build from there but with these I’ve been drawing from the largest flat plane on the face. Usually this is the cheek and side of the face that is facing the viewer. I actually feel like this is having better results in building a correct perspective.