Sketchbook: This is Handness!

So I spent a lot of time drawing hands last night. Making an appearance in the jumble below is is the hands of yours truly holding a bottle of shampoo. Dynamic stuff!


So hands… They’re hard to draw. You open up anybody’s sketchbook and you’re going to find pages full of hands, drawn in frustration and confusion. If you’ve struggled with hands, rest assured, you’re not alone. Probably everyone who’s tried to draw the darn things has. Judging from comic artists breasts and buttocks are the easiest bits of anatomy to draw, which kinda makes sense when you think of how they’re shaped. But artists who shy away from hands are also missing out on an amazingly expressive bit of anatomy. Hands are like two supporting actors for the face. They can communicate so much. Breasts, buttocks, biceps, abs look pretty much the same if the person is sad, happy, mad, depressed, etc. Maybe this is why so many comics remain just awful to look at even today? They are emphasizing the least expressive bits of the body.

One master of expressive characters is Milton Caniff, a huge favorite of mine. Here’s a single panel that could be really boring: two characters kiss. But it’s the little details, especially the hands here that make it so much more interesting and give you tons of insight into what’s really happening in the moment.


Moral of the story: Think about hands when you draw.

Sketchbook stuff

Man, it’s been a crazy week. Feels good to get some drawing done. Me and the kids have been reading the Princess and the Goblin so I doodled a Curdie and Irene. It’s a really good book. Reading it, you can see how much of George MacDonald rubbed off on C.S. Lewis.



This guy is an amazing artist and mesmerizing to watch. I love that he has some of his stuff uploaded in real time. It is super helpful to us beginners. He weirdly sounds like Jenna Maroney’s boyfriend on 30 rock, or you might know him from the fantastic new show, The Last Man on Earth or his actual real name, Will Forte. He is really fun to listen to.


I liked this shot from a friends instagram, Jared Slover. He has a great eye. I think this is a small improvement from my last try. I’m not sure what happened to her right arm… Got pretty messy.

Desi's Hand <3
Desi’s Hand <3

Should I have made her boots all the way black? I couldn’t decide so I chikened out and left them blank.