Ruined drawing

It’s been a busy week, working and full swing onto our kitchen remodel. But I did eek out one drawing. I sort of liked her until I tried to ink her in and literally smeared ink across her entire face, ruining it. I realized I don’t like to try to re-draw things, so sadly there is no redemption for this drawing.


My secret agent spree continues

Don’t know why I’m on this kick but here it is: “Secret Agent 31 is a mysterious crime fighter and miraculous survivor of a stroke while he was in the womb. This stroke permanently froze his face into a steely grimace. Now his iron courage and stiff features take on the toughest cases and roughest crooks.” Dedicated to Secret Agent X-9 and Alex Raymond.

Oh and ignore the Tintin doodle. 


Don Wood

Don wood is in my top 3 children’s illustrators, probably my favorite out of those three.

This is my attempt at the Mother in Heckedy Peg.  Her face turned out much younger than I intended, I think because of her cheeks and lips. Also one of her eyes is weird. And she is supposed to be holding straw in her hand, I forgot to draw that in.  Also, I have no idea how to finish a drawing… Issues with ODAD today.