My Neighbor Totoro


We’re back with the Summer of Miyazaki and this time we’re talking about the 1988 classic “My Neighbor Totoro”. Roger Ebert called this one his Great Films and we’re incline to agree. This film is a uniquely beautiful, subtle gem that comes with our highest recommendation. In this episode we talk about animation, childhood, and we can’t help but compare Disney and Ghibli again.

Next week we tackle Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Castle in the Sky


The summer of Miyazaki continues with his second full-length feature and first with Studio Ghibli: Castle in the Sky. In addition to discussing the film, Levi and Rosalyn get existential and end up spending a lot of time talking about the world’s problems and who’s to blame: technology or human nature? We also compare the difference between Disney animation and Miyazaki’s style.

Next week: My Neighbor Totro!

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


Welcome to the Summer of Miyazaki! We’re doing something special on the Culturezoo Podcast this summer and we’re going to discuss all the films of animator/writer/director Hayo Miyazaki. Each week we’ll be going through his films in chronological order of their release date and examining common themes and ideas in addition to the unique details of each film.

On today’s episode Levi and Rosalyn cover Miyazaki’s first feature-length film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and yet we end up talking about Tolkien and fairy tales for most of the podcast.

Also we will try to post some fan art of the film over this week.

Next week: Castle in the Sky!